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Used by thousands of companies worldwide, LumoFlow combines agile group work, social networking and content management tools into easy-to-use secure service. Sign up today and get your powerful social collaboration space running in less than a minute!

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Activate your employee network

Today’s employees are demanding more transparency and effective tools for working together. LumoFlow is designed for both internal and external participants to share content and collaborate as a one seamless social network.

Choose easy-to-use tools on demand

Within a private LumoFlow network each user group can select their own tools based on the current demand. Add tools such as file management, task tracking, idea sharing, blogging and discussion forums.

Share content and work better together

Effective collaboration requires social and rich communication channels. Share files, publish information and deliver announcements. Engage all participants by providing a social and gamified collaboration platform for your whole employee or partner network.


Social feeds
Easy as Facebook. Share, comment and like!
Initiate conversations in discussion forums
Task lists
Assign tasks and complete activities on time
Group work
Collaborate in goal-driven groups
Questions & Answers
Ask from people and rate the answers
Communicate and deliver announcements
Schedule and organize events for your network
Share, iterate and manage files in one place
Set the goals, follow progress and achieve together
Get everyone on the same page
Social network
Establish a private social network
Invite people from inside and outside organization
Our online services are trusted by thousands of companies across the world. Rock solid 99.99% uptime measured since 2008.

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